Saturday, 9 December 2017

Nuneaton Chess Club - New Venue

I have been advised by Colin Green that as from January 1st 2018 Nuneaton Chess Club will be playing at the following venue: -

CV11 4JX
024 7673 5344

There is street car parking but also a car park at the rear accessed 
from George Street and a passageway to the front of the building.

When you are playing there for the first time please allow a few extra minutes to find the venue. 
Colin has also advised us that, as with most licenced premises we are not permitted to bring in our own food or drink.


Monday, 27 November 2017

KO Cup Draw

The KO Cup draw has been made

Coventry Chess has got the two BYES in this round the F Team and the B Team are through to the next round.

The D team has a tough match against the A Team. Coventry E are Home to Rugby C. and Coventry C are home to Rugby B.

We certainly stand a good chance of being well represented in the next round of the cup.

All matches to be played on the 5th December.

For the full draw go here  KO Cup Draw

Are You Due An Inheritance?

Just for a bit of fun, thought I would post this link where you can check if you are due an Inheritance from a long lost relative. There are over 10,000 Estates that remain unclaimed at present and these Estates are currently with our old friends the Treasury Department ie the Government! If they remain unclaimed, after 30 years the Estate passes to the Government forever and is lost If you check and find out you are entitled to some funds remember where you first heard about this and you could always donate a small part of your legacy to Coventry Chess Club! Probate Research

Friday, 6 October 2017

Match Report from first League Games

Ed Goodwin has kindly completed a match report on the first A team match against Coventry Chess Academy on the 3rd October.

If any other Captains would like to place a match report, please feel free.

We do have a new website under development and the ultimate idea is that we can post games to the website as well.

My Thanks to Ed and here is his match report:

 Match Report 03/10/2017 Div 1 Coventry Chess Academy A v Coventry Chess A

This is our first match report when the new website is up and running I hope to be able to put interesting positions or whole games in the article.

We faced the new Academy side who turned out to be strong outgrading us on 3 out of the 4 boards.
On board 1 Dave Ireland (White) faced Paul Lam against whom he previously had a 0-4 record. This seemed to me to be fairly uneventful from I think the 1 e4 Nc6 opening. Dave drew , a very good result.

Bernard played the only junior but a good one in David Phillips. This was the popular London System, with Bernard seeming to be under pressure on the king side , however he neutralised this and I thought he had an advantage afterwards but it proved not enough to win.

Against Alan Phillips  I played an appalling opening after a very early ..Ne4 in the Dutch defence and had to offer a pawn to develop. Alan thought I would have good compensation so he declined the offer. Then I set a trap which my opponent fell into and I won the exchange. But with two rooks and a bishop against rook knight and bishop just couldn’t find any winning plan. My opponent could have claimed the draw twice by threefold repetition. Eventually I ran short of time and offered him a draw which was accepted

Bava played the sharp Sicilian Dragon against Georgeta Ercsei . White castled queen side and launched an attack against Bava’s king on the king side. At a critical point Bava blocked the attack by placing his knight on h5, but Georgetta switched to attacking in the centre and Bava’s knight was completely cut off. When I looked again he had lost a number of pawns and was unable to hang on.

Match Result
Dave Ireland (175)         ½–½ Paul Lam (196)
Bernard Charnley (154) ½-½ David Phillips (144)
Ed Goodwin (156)           ½-½ Alan Phillips (168)
Bava Manickam (134)      0-1 Georgeta Ercsei (151)

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Leamington Rapid Play Report

Report from Ed Goodwin

Leamington Rapidplay Report Sunday September 10th

There were several Coventry Chess players taking part in this event organised by Ed Goodwin.
Dave Ireland scored a respectable 3/6 including a draw against Warwickshire champion Don Mason
Former member Josh Pink finished on 2½/6

Under 170
Bernard Charnley showed a welcome return to form finishing 3rd on 4½/6
Under 140

Clive Blackburn and John Conway scored 3½/6 sharing the grading prize

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Interesting Article

Whilst idly surfing around the interweb I came across this article on Coventry Chess  Academy's website: -

You may recognise a few of the players/coaches - It is worth a read if you have a few minutes. 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

New Season

Calling all Coventry Chess Players !

Already Summer is nearly over and the New Chess Season will be upon us very soon so next Tuesday 29th August our Brand new Treasurer - David Adams will be collecting subs for the New Season.

Cost is as follows:-  £38.00 including Bronze membership to the ECF or if you have paid the ECF Online Club membership of £22.00.

The first match of the Season is on September 26th - Divisional Cup match.

We also welcome a couple of new clubs into the League - Coventry University into the Second Division and  a Junior team in each Division, run by Paul Lam - Coventry Chess Academy. Please note for this Season all Coventry Chess Academy away matches will be played at their Home venue.

If you are unable to attend next Tuesday could you let your Captain know as we are also starting to select the Teams for the New Season.

Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 29th August.